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Having attended some of SQL Down Under's in person training over the years, I was pleased to see them launch online versions - and the decision to make my first purchase with SQL Spatial was an easy one.

Greg has a teaching style that is very down to earth and a world class technical knowledge of SQL Server.

These two things combined make learning from Greg a pleasure. SQL Down Under provide all of the databases you need to follow along and clear instructions on how to set them up.

The courses build from the ground up to solid real-world scenarios, meaning that the novice will quickly get up to speed and even the seasoned professional will find some golden nuggets of information to enhance their skill-set.

The highlights for me are the unlimited access and the labs, that both challenge you and solidify the knowledge from the previous module - I strongly suggest that these are worked through to get the absolute most from each training course.

I have since worked through replication, service broker and I am currently working on encryption - and I feel this training is making me a better professional.

In summary, if you are looking for a course to get you up to speed quickly on a topic or simply looking for a refresher you'll likely feel that your money has been well spent.

Martin Catherall - Data Platform MVP